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    TMJ Massage Therapy in Carlsbad, CA

    TMJ is a disorder that affects the joints in the jaw, called the temporomandibular joints. This disorder is often characterized by pain, tenderness, and difficulty chewing or speaking

    Symptoms of TMJ Disorders

    Common symptoms include:

    - Pain or tenderness in the face, jaw, neck, shoulders, or back

    - Headaches

    - Limited mobility in the jaw

    - Popping or clicking sounds in the jaw

    - Stiffness in the jaw or difficulty opening the mouth wide

    Treatments for TMJ

    Mouth guard/ night guard

    A mouth guard, also known as a nightguard, can protect your teeth from nighttime grinding. If left untreated, teeth grinding can cause teeth to become worn down and loose or fractured. Worn-down teeth can also affect your bite, leading to TMJ disorder. A mouthguard can also protect your teeth from clenching, caused by stress or anxiety.

    TMJ Massage Therapy

    TMJ massage, also called TMJ physiotherapy, is a gentle, non-invasive technique that relaxes muscles and helps release trigger points. TMJ Massage is a massage technique that’s practiced for relaxation, to reduce pain, and to release tension in the jaw. TMJ massage is often done in conjunction with TMJ treatment like mouth guards and other appliances to help reduce muscle tension, allowing for better blood flow and relaxation of the jaw muscles.


    While orthodontics may be needed to straighten teeth, patients may also suffer from TMJ. Teeth grinding, jaw clenching, and jaw popping are all symptoms of TMJ disorder. Patients with TMJ disorders can benefit from having a mouth guard created to wear at night. These devices create a barrier between the upper and lower teeth, preventing grinding.


    Surgery for TMJ can be recommended if the patient is experiencing chronic pain or is having trouble performing normal activities. There are several types of surgery for TMJ. Surgery for TMJ is most successful when combined with other treatments such as oral appliance therapy and lifestyle changes.

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