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    Emergency Dentistry in Carlsbad, CA

    Emergency dentistry is a branch of dental medicine that focuses on treating unexpected dental problems. Teeth and gums can undergo various dental problems that may need emergency dental care.

    Signs and Symptoms of Dental Emergencies

    If you are experiencing pain, you should call your dentist immediately. If your face is swollen, it may be a sign of an infection. A toothache can indicate an abscessed tooth or another type of infection. Other indicators of a dental emergency include:

    - Bleeding gums

    - Swollen gums

    - Loose or lost fillings

    - Teeth that are broken or chipped

    - Loose or dislodged teeth

    - A broken jaw

    - A broken or missing crown

    Various Types of Dental Emergencies

    Broken tooth

    If a tooth has been completely knocked out, you should immediately rinse it with water. Then, attempt to place the tooth back in its socket without touching the root. If this isn’t possible, place the tooth in milk or saliva to keep it moist. Then, get to the dentist as quickly as possible.

    Broken dental restoration

    A broken dental restoration is typically a dental emergency. When the restoration breaks, patients often experience pain or discomfort. They may not be able to properly chew and speak. Broken crowns and dental fillings should be replaced right away. Broken dental restorations can occur when patients accidentally bite down on something hard. 


    Any number of issues can cause toothache. Cavities, decay, gum disease, cracked teeth, and infections are common causes of toothaches. While over-the-counter pain medication can temporarily relieve toothaches, it’s essential to visit your dentist as soon as possible.


    An abscess is a pocket of pus that builds up at the root of a tooth. This pocket of pus is the result of bacteria getting inside the tooth. This can cause pain, swelling and halitosis. Abscessed teeth can be severe and should be treated immediately.

    Jaw fracture

    A broken jaw results from a traumatic injury, such as a car accident. This dental emergency requires immediate medical attention. If you have broken your jaw, you should call for emergency dentistry immediately. The jaw is connected to several nerves, and a broken jaw can result in pain. The jaw can also sustain severe damage from being broken, such as a misaligned bite.

    The severity of the break categorizes a broken jaw. If the jaw is broken but not displaced, a dentist may be able to realign the jaw with wiring and rubber bands. A fractured jaw that is replaced requires specialized treatment.

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