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    CT 3D Imaging in Carlsbad, CA

    CT 3D imaging uses X-rays to produce cross-sectional images of the face, jaw, and neck.

    CT 3D imaging is an important diagnostic tool that allows your dentist to peer into the hidden areas of your mouth and jaw. This technology can be used to diagnose a wide variety of oral health issues. By identifying dental problems in their earliest stages,  your dentist can prevent them from worsening and developing into major issues later on.

    CT 3D imaging provides a 3D view of a patient’s anatomy, which allows your dentist to see all dental structures, soft tissues, nerves, and bone in a single scan. A CT scan is also able to visualize the jaw joints and sinuses, which are not always visible on traditional dental x-rays. By detecting signs of infection and disease early on, your dentist can start you on an effective course of treatment as soon as possible.

    What Are The Benefits of CT Scanning?

    3D dental imaging provides many benefits beyond traditional 2D imaging. It produces highly detailed images, giving your dentist more insight into your oral and dental health. 3D imaging also provides more clarity than traditional 2D scans, making it easier for your dental team to identify problems. 3D images allow your dental team to see every single angle, revealing even the smallest abnormalities. This means your dental team can diagnose and plan treatments more effectively.

    3D imaging also helps your dental team plan your treatment. The 3D images allow them to see exactly how your smile will look after treatment, so they can help you make an informed decision about your treatment.

    There are several benefits of having CT images taken, including:

    • Being able to accurately diagnose dental issues (such as tooth decay and abscesses).
    • Being able to view the position of wisdom teeth.
    • Being able to see jawbone support.
    •  It aids in the planning and placement of dental implants and bone grafts
    • It allows the dentist to assess the sinuses, nasal cavity, and airways
    • It can be used to better visualize a tumor or cyst
    • It aids in the diagnosis of TMJ disorders

    What Happens After a CT 3D Scan?

    After your CT 3D scan, your dentist can review the results with you and discuss the next steps. For example, your dentist can show you the results of the scan and explain the areas that are of concern. Your dentist also can discuss the various treatments available to address your concerns.

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