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Gum Grafting in Carlsbad, CA

Gum grafting in Carlsbad, CA, is a procedure that is used to cover an exposed tooth root. Exposed roots are the result of receding gums, which is a common oral health condition. The roots of teeth extend into the jawbone, and over time the gum tissue and bone can deteriorate to the point where the teeth become loose or fall out entirely. When the roots of a tooth are exposed to bacteria, they are more prone to infection. It can also result in bone loss in the jaw.

If you’ve experienced gum disease, then your gums may have receded enough to expose your tooth roots. A gum graft by a gum grafting specialist in Carlsbad, CA, will repair the damage. Gum grafting in Carlsbad, CA, involves removing tissue from the roof of your mouth or a tissue bank and using it to cover the exposed roots. This will require multiple visits to the gum specialist in Carlsbad, CA, to complete. Recovery can take several months.

Choosing Gum Grafting Specialist in Carlsbad, CA

If you need to have gum grafting in Carlsbad, CA, to restore lost gum tissue, you can feel confident knowing that our gum specialist in Carlsbad, CA, is highly skilled and experienced with this procedure. Our gum grafting specialist in Carlsbad, CA, has performed hundreds of these procedures each year and is a sought-after lecturer on advanced surgical and restorative techniques. Our expertise ensures that you will receive the very best care, whether you’ve come in for a procedure or are just visiting for an initial consultation. 

Gum grafting in Carlsbad, CA, can improve your appearance and help to prevent tooth loss. If you are concerned about your gum line, talk to our gum specialist in Carlsbad, CA, about what treatment options may be right for you. We will assess the condition of your gums and discuss what options might work best for you.

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